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Empowered By Horses!

  • Equine Facilitated Wellness is a gentle and effective way of fostering self-discovery and healing through being in nature and connecting with horses. The programs promote self-awareness, communication skills, and healthy boundaries. Individual and group sessions are available.

  • Empowered by Horses offers unique programs that teach personal power and build self-esteem. Our philosophy is founded on equine knowledge. Horses are masters at teaching life lessons, and herd dynamics are powerful metaphors for leadership, teamwork, non-verbal communication, and setting boundaries. Through observing and interacting with horses, we can learn reverence for all living beings, respect for the environment, and the value of living in harmony.

  • Blending counseling and Equine Facilitated Wellness, and guided by an understanding of the impact of trauma, the RCC team members and Carla Webb provide a gentle space for healing, learning, and growth. Theirs is a partnership based on respect and compassion for the unique needs of each client. Individual and group sessions are available.

What My Wonderful Clients Say About Empowered By Horses

  • Thank You Carla for your caring and understanding with Izzy. She has never had anything that has made her so happy and calm before ! Izzy says being at the farm is her favourite place in the world 💕 Its such a blessing to see her anxiety subside and watch her confidence build being around the horses and being able to interact with the other animals as well. It is such a blessing for her to spend time with you each week and we are so grateful

    Client's mom
  • This past July, I brought a group of 25 children to Empowered By Horses to have a Children’s Grief Day Camp. It was such a magical day and a lot of that had to do with Carla and her crew of experienced, kind, and caring professionals. They helped to make the day special and comforting for the kiddos and the adults who attended with me. I had forgotten to bring a wishing tree for the kids to place their wishes for their loved ones. Carla and her team quickly came up with an idea to use a large tree branch in front of the barn and set it up for us. It worked perfectly and it was so nice to be supported like that. The facility was so incredible! There were sheep, chickens, horses, pigs, and even little piglets that we all got to watch and admire. One of the lovely skills that Carla’s crew taught us that day was how to be still and calm around the animals and let the animals come to us when they were feeling comfortable. This was such a wonderful lesson for the children to learn and it helped to make the whole day so calm, peaceful, meaningful and powerful. Thank you Carla and your team of extraordinary helpers! We had such a great time and we hope to see you again next year.

    Dallas Shirley, Children's Counsellor
  • Our experience at Empowered by Horses was breathtaking! Carla was kind, honest and so knowledgeable not only about the power of Equine Therapy but about life’s joys and barriers and the importance of self-care. We were lucky to have had this experience. To be a part of Carla’s love for animals and to learn about things like respect and boundaries through our work with the horses was truly incredible! Thank you Carla, for the work that you do, the lessons you teach and the lives that you touch!

    Ashley Riddler Parent Support Worker New Beginnings

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