Learning With the Girls and Owls.

Learning opportunities are everywhere and available no matter what our experience or age.

At the end of each session we often stroll to the back field where we look for opportunities to notice and learn about the different things in the outdoor environment. Over the two years we have lived here, we find that we have a wide variety of birds who call the trees home. The resident owls are particularly intriguing to me. On one occasion, I decided that I would show the girls what an owl “pellet” looked like and what it was. Within a few steps under the grandpa tree I found one, with the usual hair and bones. I asked if they knew what it was and heard a few yes’s in reply. I went on to explain that owl’s eat rodents and that when they defecate, the bones and hair don’t digest and that is what an owl pellet is….With a few smiles of glances exchanged between them, one girl stated, “ah not its not… they regurgitate it and that is what the pellet is.” I said “no, really?” I saw a few nodes and the comment that “we learned about owl’s in grade 5.”

I laughed and felt a little embarrassed but their explanation made more sense to me than what I had been told. I look forward to more learning opportunities from the girls….I am sure there will be plenty….

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