California Dreamin’

I am officially envious of my partner in Empowered By Horses, Miss Sharolyn Wandzura. Not only because she is in California experiencing a life of warmer temperatures and less rain BUT because she is studying with an amazing horse person, Carolyn Resnick.

I first heard about Carolyn through our mentor Sandra Wallin although I didn’t really begin to learn about her methods until Sharolyn connected with Carolyn over a year ago. I read Carolyn’s book ‘Naked Liberty’ which documents her experience and lessons learned as a young girl from observing and interacting with a herd of wild horses. Carolyn’s primary teachings now focus on what she calls “The Waterhole Rituals”….I absolutely love her approach … an approach that both Sharolyn and I incorporate into our way with the Empowered By Horses herd. (more about that later)…

In the meantime, have a look at this fantastic video of Sharolyn dancing with Sonador. Maybe with some gentle nudges, Sharolyn will blog about her experience thus far….giddy up…

  1. TraceeTracee11-24-2011

    ~Incredibly Majestic~

    Thank you for sharing<3

  2. SharolynSharolyn11-23-2011

    Ahhh…. my loving business partner! THANK-YOU FOR SUCH A FABULOUS IDEA… YES I will post all my discoveries… my laptop died within 48hrs of arrival but now it is a happy little machine after a sleep over at the Mac store… so soon all my hundreds of photos can start to be explored! warmly, Sharolyn truly feeling Empowered By Horses…

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