DAY 54 Mar. 24: The thought for today is GIVING.  Practice generously giving by sharing time, talent, energy and material resources with others.  Whatever you give, do it without thinking of getting anything in return. Do it as a service, not reluctantly, but with joy.  That is a real gift.

Whatever you give, be sure it is from the heart:

“Not in what we give, but what we share,

For the gift without the giver is bare.”

Today: I will clean out my closet, bureau drawers, or garage and give away things I’m not using.  I will give my time to a volunteer organization and my financial resources to a cause that supports and practices nonviolence.

A Season for Nonviolence, January 30 – April 4, is a national 64-day educational, media, and grassroots campaign dedicated to demonstrating that nonviolence is a powerful way to heal, transform, and empower our lives and our communities. Please Join Us!  We welcome your comments below and invite you to share your experiences with the 64 ways – A Season for Non-Violence on our blog or on our facebook page.

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