Shady was born in 1993 in the state of Wyoming. He has lived in Saskatchewan and Alberta before coming to British Columbia in 2001 to live with Carla.Shady and Carla successfully competed in the discipline of “reining” for the first few years together.Shady loves helping people who are new to horses to feel comfortable and at ease. He likes to nicker as visitors approach and especially those who may be carrying mint candies, one of his favorite treats.


May was born in 2003 in Alberta on a very large farm. It wasn’t long after she was weaned from her mom that she made the courageous trip to BC to live with Carla and Shady. May helped teach Carla about starting young horses and she was a very good teacher.May is the lead mare of the herd and loves to hang out with young girls and women. May has a very big heart.

Babs was born in Quesnel in 2003 before moving to Princeton BC. Babs first caught the eye of Carla in 2007 (she is such a gorgeous palomino) and shortly after joined May and Shady. Babs favorite thing is to be groomed when she is not enjoying her food. Babs also enjoys her time with girls.



Selena was born right here in the Lower Mainland in 2008. After having a rough start, she joined the herd in late 2009. She has transformed from a distrustful and scared little filly to a courageous and dedicated young mare. We look forward to including her in the Empowered By Horses programs.

Lulu and Fable 

Lulu and Fable joined the herd in 2012 from Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniature Horse Rescue in Yarrow, BC.

Initially it was Lulu who captured our hearts but after a second visit to meet her, we were introduced to a new group that had just arrived and a shy but curious Fable made himself known to us. 

Lulu is sweet, loves being groomed and is talented at navigating obstacles in the arena. Fable is very brave and although the smallest in size, his attitude and confidence is BIG. He loves to play and has a large selection of his favorite toys. 


The other critters on the farm

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