Humans are hardwired to be connected to nature.  In his book “Last Child in the Woods,” Richard Louv introduces the term biophilia to describe children’s affinity with nature.  Louv’s remarkable gathering of research demonstrates the incredible benefit experienced by children who spend time in nature, and conversely the negative effects of those children disconnected from it.

More and more children are being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and ADHD to such a degree that prescription medication is a common solution.  How about a big dose of Vitamin N (NATURE)?  Some benefits are increased clarity, focus, imagination, creativity to name a few and a reduction of stress, anxiety, obesity, and depression.  There are no side effects and the more children spend time in nature, the more likely they are to do things to protect it.  In this critical time of stress on the earth from global warming, to degradation of rain forests, to the extinction of species, this is an important time for children to grow up caring about the planet.

At Empowered By Horses we relish in the 7 acre farm, Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center.  A quiet rustic landscape of old growth cedar and maple trees, lush meadow, a seasonal creek boarded by a large ravine.  There are common sightings of deer, coyotes, owls, ravens, eagles and other wonderous song birds.  One can experience a different orchestra of melodies each day.

The favourite for many is the grandpa tree circle near the back of the property.  The grandpa tree (over 1oo year old Maple) and four older cedars encircles our groups of girls and women during our programs often providing a feeling of security and groundedness.