Bold and Brilliant

Abby And Babs

A Life Changing Program For Young Women


July 9 and 10
for 10-14 year old girls
10:00 am – 4:00 pm each day

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Bold and Brilliant provides the tools necessary for lives led with courage and compassion.  With horses as their teachers, girls get firsthand experience in setting healthy boundaries and staying true to their values.  They learn effective ways to communicate their needs and practice informed decision making with Empowered By Horses’ SODA Method© (Situation, Options, Decision, Action).  Through practical exercises, students familiarize themselves with how to say no to peer pressure, how to walk away from a bully and courageously say yes to positive choices.

The Bold and Brilliant Program is run as a five weeks (two hours per week) during the spring months and a two day program during the summer.

There is a maximum of 8 girls per program so please ensure you book early to save your spot. The value of this program is priceless….and the tuition is $297. Sign up a second daughter for $247 plus tax.

*There is no mounted work in this program

‘She loves the time spent outside with the horses and has learnt a great deal from just watching and interacting with them.  Carla is a fun, hands on course leader and seems to enjoy herself as much as the girls. I think that just getting the girls to think and talk about things that they may be experiencing in their lives and have the opportunity to build leadership and self empowerment skills is invaluable.’ RW Maple Ridge, BC

Bold and Brilliant is our most popular program.  With horses by their sides, the girls not only learn empowering tools but have an excellent time doing so.

* Bold and Brilliant is a pre-requisite to the Heart Centered Leadership Academy© 

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Bold and Brilliant

  • Price: $ 259.35 CAD Quantity:
  • Price: $ 259.35 CAD Quantity: