Summer Camp

Heart Centered Horsemanship

5 Day summer Camp
Spring Camp Grads and Newcomers Welcome

  • Does your child love to watch “Heartland?”

  • Do they long to relate to horses as true companions?

  • Are they excited to make this summer truly memorable?

Partnering with a horse develops skills that will be with your child for a lifetime.

Our five day experiential summer camp is based on heart centered communication and authentic relationships.

Participants will learn how to read body language, lead (follow) with intention and compassion, and be true to themselves while working together as a team. Horse experience is not necessary.

Are you ready to boost your child’s confidence and inspire their innate leadership?

Heart Centered Horsemanship teaches:

  • equine philosophy to boost confidence

  • Herd dynamics to help youth navigate the challenges of being a teen.

  • Heart Centered Communication to strengthen your child’s relationship with horses and people.

Highlighted topics include:

  • How to be safe with horses

  • Observation exercises

  • Mindful grooming

  • Body language basics

  • Liberty interactions

  • Scavenger hunt with your herd

  • Fun and exciting games with your equine partner

  • Expressive art activity and nature walk

  • Mindful bareback riding

There is a maximum of 8 youth per program. Tuition is $497 plus gst. Horse experience not required. Healthy snacks and other supplies provided.

Heart Centered Horsemanship - Summer Camp

  • Price: $ 521.85 CAD Quantity: