Equine Facilitated Wellness and 
Equine Counselling (with Registered Clinical Counsellor) 

Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center is host to Unbridled Potential, Empowered By Horses and Standing Six. With a philosophy founded on equine knowledge and herd dynamics these experiential programs empower and enliven children and youth.

Whether you are new to partnering with horses or have been riding for years, all of Unbridled Potential and Empowered By Horses’ teachings are grounded in the practice of heart-centered leadership.  Create the life that you have imagined through embracing your internal power, connecting with heart wisdom and celebrating the YOU that will lead the way.


Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW)
Individual Sessions and Group Programs.

The focus of EFW sessions is healing, growth and empowerment. Although an equine facilitated wellness session is not psychotherapy or counselling it is a learning experience that promotes self awareness; social and communication skills; and tools for coping with personal challenges, decision making and problem solving. EFW is based on research that suggests being in nature and connecting with animals is not only a gentle and effective way to foster self discovery and healing but that horses actually support that healing. EFW is currently used all over the world in therapeutic work with war veterans, people with autism and traumatized children. While EFW works well alone, it is also used in partnership with mental health professionals. 

Horses are excellent teachers in practicing mindfulness, setting healthy boundaries and learning to live in community. Other benefits include:

  • increased confidence and self esteem
  • improved communication and social skills
  • increased empathy for all beings
  • a knowledge of what healthy attachments are and how to achieve them
  • a sense of belonging and connection
  • a renewed resilience and courage to be oneself
  • a deeper understanding of how communication can extend beyond the spoken word

Carla Webb is an EFW professional, an Eriksonian life coach and an Equine Guided Development facilitator. Her approach is founded on a gentle and nurturing acknowledgment of each person’s uniqueness. Read more.

Sessions are $90 plus GST/hour and may include ‘take home’ activities or practice


Equine Counselling with Registered Clinical Counsellor
Individual Sessions and Group Programs

Blending counselling and Equine Facilitated Wellness, Kirsten Hargreaves, RCC, and Carla Webb BA, EFW-CAN, are guided by values developed with a trauma informed lens. Basing their partnership on using the most effective modality for their clients, Carla and Kirsten provide a gentle space for healing, learning, and growing. This proven integrated approach benefits children, adults, families and communities.

Equine work has been shown to successfully support and empower clients suffering from a wide range of challenges including: anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, poor self esteem, family stress, divorce and trauma including physical and sexual abuse.

Kirsten, a registered clinic counselor, has worked in the human services field for 17 years including: therapeutic horseback riding, teaching Montessori kindergarten, early childhood education, working with special needs children, respite foster care, autism intervention, senior’s therapeutic recreation, day camps, summer camps, community development, mental health and counselling. Read More.

Carla’s therapeutic work is informed by 13 years as a Vancouver Police Constable and walking the beat in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Through her experiences she founded Empowered By Horses, a program that supports and empowers girls to flourish into amazing young women. Read More

Sessions are $140.00/hour and may include take-home activities or practice 

Call Kirsten to book an intake session. (778) 982-8529 http://www.standingtallcounselling.com/

Canadian Certified Counsellor Kylie Bartel has joined the Empowered By Horses team and offers equine counselling sessions alongside Carla. 

Contact Carla – carla@empoweredbyhorses.com

Equine Facilitated Wellness and Equine Therapy