Although Empowered By Horses’ main focus is on empowering young women, we believe that through kindness, compassion and empathy, all of us can create a more peaceful and loving world. As such we are experts in designing and customizing programs to fit your group criteria. This includes working with boys, at-risk youth, families and adult women.

Topics include:

* Wellness
* Leadership training
* Effective communication
* Street safety
* Personal growth
* Goal setting

Our custom programs are popular so please call in advance so we can fit in your request. 

“It was wonderful and powerful to witness how this workshop affected each and every person from child to adults! TC Parent Vancouver, BC

 Ask about our special rates for Non Profit and Charitable Organizations.

Contact us for to discuss a proposal

Please note – $100 non refundable deposit is required upon booking a date.


“I really enjoyed yesterday’s trip to your ranch, its very earthbound and beautiful…….I also really enjoyed saying hello to the horses and that you need to focus on your breathing cause they can sense that as well as your energy……I would love to come back to your ranch and learn more.” Teen participant – Lower Mainland, BC

“I felt very at home and confident, I was even sad when it was time to go because it felt like I really bonded with most of the horses which made me feel very at ease and peaceful.”  Teen participant – Lower Mainland, BC