Heart Centered Horsemanship

Heart Centered Horsemanship

Heart Centered Horsemanship (HCH) uses a relationship focused approach to the horse-human connection. This means that the horse’s perspective is considered equal to that of the human regardless of whether the partnership is one of liberty, casual riding or therapy.

Through observation, interactive exercises and the careful study of how human emotion, ego and intention can influence horse-human dynamics, HCH is an effective and non-abusive method for forging strong bonds and positive outcomes with your horse companion.

Professional Heart-Centered Horsemanship

Professional Heart-Centered Horsemanship is offered for EFW trainees and therapists with limited equine experience or for those who have a desire to deepen their understanding and experience partnering with horses in a therapeutic capacity. Empowered By Horses offers HCH sessions and programs to upgrade, enhance and learn new skills.

Heart Centered Leadership for Girls

Summer 2021 – Friday nights 6pm – 8 pm starts July 2nd

For over a year and a half things have not been easy. Not seeing friends, closed malls, concerts cancelled … It’s time for something different.

At Anam Cara we have the answer—experiences to help you re-energize and re-connect. Learn what horses, pigs and sheep have known for ever: how to minimize stress with a mindful “swish of the tail”.

Using all our senses, we connect with nature and learn to lead in all aspects of life…..Join us!

Runs for 6 weeks ~ For girls ages 10-14 ~ tuition is $340 limited to 10 participants (With Carla, Kirsten, Lindzie and Kim leading the way)

*there is no riding in this program *
Carla@empoweredbyhorses.com ~ Register Here