Looking to Connect with Empowered By Horses and Friends? 


Here are some ways to partner with us to learn more about Nature-Based/Animal Assisted and Equine Facilitated Wellness 

  1. Practicum Mental Health Professional: You are looking for a practicum location to conduct the required hours for your university degree or college certification in the field of mental health. Team member Kirsten Hargreaves, RCC, is the lead contact for this and can be reached at info@standingtallcounselling.com Please ensure your university/college will consider AA hours eligible for your requirements. If you have limited experience with animals you will be required to participate in a 2-day EBH course preparing you to partner with animals at your own cost. $495 plus gst. (Note: a minimum of 4 participants is needed to run this course. If you do not want to wait for this course you may want to consider a week-long internship intensive. See below.) Successful candidates may be considered to join the Empowered By Horses and Friends team following graduation.
  2. Internship Intensive*: You are interested in the field of nature-based, animal-assisted and equine facilitated wellness and/or are looking to deepen your understanding of this work. The focus of an internship is on developing skills based on your learning objectives. For example, you may want to learn about animal psychology,  ethology (including specific behaviors unique to the species you work with), choice, consent and ethical considerations when partnering with animals, or general animal husbandry. Alternatively you may want to develop your skills in positive training methods, humane practice, heart centered leadership, group and individual facilitation, and trauma informed mindfulness.
    The learning is a blend of assignments including one-on-one work with animals, selected readings and discussion.  A total of 5 hours/day for 5 days includes 8 one-on-one hours with Carla and 17 hours of activities in the AA field including animal care and connection, readings, journalling and discussion. Interns live on-site in a cozy travel trailer. You have the option of joining us for dinner that you help prepare ($40 extra per day) or be self-sufficient. The fee per week is $1500.00 plus gst (including lodging). Contact Carla Webb to apply carla@empoweredbyhorses.com.
    * The Internship Intensive is also suitable for those looking to do a practicum for their life coaching or other professional program. 
  3. Volunteer: You are interested in spending time in nature, learning valuable skills and becoming more physically fit. Most of our volunteer positions center around animal care, cleaning and feeding for 2-4 hours per week. We require our volunteers to have a medium level of fitness with a willingness to grow strength and endurance. Most important is an understanding of confidentiality and privacy as our clients may be on site. This position is well suited for those who are in an office/computer career who desire more balance in their lives.  We are also interested in volunteers looking to contribute with writing and/or have social media and website skills. Unfortunately we cannot accept current clients as volunteers for privacy and confidentiality reasons. Please contact Carla for all volunteer opportunities carla@empoweredbyhorses.com
  4. Volunteer/Intern: This program is suitable for those interested in working in the Animal Assisted field and need more experience with a variety of species. We blend the traditional role of on-site volunteer (international woofer/workaway) with an internship. We request a minimum of three months. You will be responsible for the care and cleaning of the animals 5 hours/day, 5 days per week with the lens of acquiring more skill and expertise in animal guardianship. Additional teachings will include structured activities specific to your learning objectives. This may include journaling, animal connection time, readings, helping out with workshops and mentoring discussions with Carla. Please reach out to carla@empoweredbyhorses.com. Note:  This would be a wonderful opportunity for any of our HCAAP certificate training program students.  If you are unable to commit to three months but would still like to join us please reach out and we may be able to make an exception.