Working Internship
Nature Based / Animal-Assisted / Equine Facilitated Wellness Program

Now accepting resumes with a cover letter for 3-month working internships at Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center. 

October – December 2022 (FILLED)
January – March 2023 (FILLED)
April – June 2023 (FILLED) 
July – September 2023
October – December 2023

Empowered By Horses was founded in 2008 with the vision of forming heart-centered partnerships between horses and youth facing challenges. Over the years we have broadened our therapeutic alliances to include sheep, pigs, chickens and others, under the umbrella of animal assisted wellness. We have also expanded our learning facilities and now have three mental health counselors and  two wellness and learning professionals.

As a burgeoning social enterprise we have deepened our community connections. We work with distance learning and alternative schools, foster families, hospices, Ministry of Children and Family Development, and the Fraser Valley Indigenous Children and Family Services. We offer mentoring and coaching to those entering the nature-based and animal assisted and equine facilitated wellness field and, starting in the spring of 2023, we will welcome our first cohort of students to our newly developed nature based, animal assisted and equine facilitated wellness training program based on Empowered By Horses philosophy and core values.

We invite  you to join us on this journey.

You are:

  • Wanting to professionally partner with nature, equines and/or other animals in a therapeutic setting. 
  • Needing more hands on experience with animal communication, husbandry and care 
  • Wanting to learn more about various animal species including body language, psychology and social structures (ethology)
  • Wanting to integrate animals into your current work or practice
  • Experienced with animals and are able to keep yourself and the animal safe when interacting with them. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Hands-on work with animal husbandry. This includes:
    • Feeding and medication of the animals
    • Grooming 
    • Checking in on overall wellness
    • Assisting with bodywork sessions (massage) & veterinary appointments 
    • We have a staff member who does the main morning chores but at times you will be asked to assist
    • Contributing to food preparation (for the humans)

We Provide:

  • Accommodation (cozy travel trailer) and meals. We are vegetarian and eat healthy food.
  • Activities and exercises to help you become familiar with animal assisted services.
  • Access to resources such as books and videos that we have found helpful to understanding the work.
  • Weekly consultations with Carla Webb
  • The opportunity to consult with other team members (based on needs/goals) 
  • An individual plan based on your goals.

We Require:

  • A resume with a cover letter addressed to Carla Webb Owner 
  • Three work-related references (volunteer or paid)
  • Five personal references