Equine support for children and youth who experience the world differently

Horses are masters at teaching life lessons.  Herd dynamics are powerful metaphors for leadership, teamwork, non-verbal communication, setting boundaries, and for illustrating group dynamics.  These can be difficult concepts for people living with autism to understand.  Horses show us a different way of relating to ourselves, other, and our environment while teaching us awareness, trust, integrity and respect.

By working alongside our equine facilitator, behavior interventionist and the horses, individuals living with autism will be given many opportunities to understand or build upon these and many other skills.

All sessions are conducted at the client’s individual pace.  The horses offer participants a safe way to learn and experience their environment while being grounded in nature.

Programs are tailored to meet each individual’s goal.  Each hour long session is $120 plus tax with EFW facilitator Carla Webb and BI Leann Hiebert.