Introducing the Heart Centred Leadership Academy


Heart Centred Leadership Academy

A New Program: An Exciting Journey


The Heart Centred Leadership Academy is an idea borne from a volunteer experience I had in my twenties. I went to Costa Rica for three months as part of an international organization helping local communities build a school, clear the grounds for a playground and develop trails in the rainforest. It took all my courage to apply for that position but it turned out to be one of the most memorable and character building times of my life.

From that experience I learned many things but what stood out was:
  • I didn’t need a TV or any other “thing” to be happy.

  • Working together in a team towards a common goal was not only rewarding but fun.

  • Leadership is about leading but also learning how to follow.

  • That we are all connected wherever and whoever we are—my friends, the locals in Costa Rica, the environment, animals—and in that connection we feel a sense of belonging.

I returned home and incorporated these learnings into my life. Later, when I created Empowered By Horses, I used herd dynamics and equine philosophy to expand and carry on these ideas—I created a place for young women to feel safe, connected and begin the journey of self empowerment

Today, I add a new path for those on the journeyThe Heart Centred Leadership Academy
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed
citizens can change the world. Indeed,
it is the only thing that ever has.”Margaret Mead

The Heart Centred Leadership Academy (HCLA) supports young women into becoming thoughtful and committed citizens. It promotes teamwork, compassion, and heart centred leadership. The HCLA explores our interconnections, challegnes preconceived ideas about ourselves and others and promotes courage to be who we are. The HCLA is a six month program (minimum two Saturday mornings a month) beginning October 2013. It is open to girls ages 10-15 who are Bold and Brilliant graduates.

The Heart Centred Leadership Academy includes:
  • Passion and Purpose Project – A service project that gives back to the community.
  • Outings that promote community compassion and kindness.

  • Mentorship by local women entrepreneurs.

  • Role – playing, exercises with horses to practice life skills and courageous authenticity.
  • Connection, compassion and heart centred leadership training.
  • A video that promotes each participant’s Passion and Purpose Project.
Your daughter will come away with:
  • Valuable leadership skills

  • A clear understanding on how she can make positive change in the world

  • An uncovering of her unique gifts, talents and passions

  • Practical life skills that empower and build confidence

  • Satisfaction in helping others

  • A place where she will always feel a sense of belonging

The Heart Centred Leadership Academy
is an inspiring and life-changing project.

Because the Heart Centred Leadership Academy is in the early stages of development, this $1200 program is being offered, this year only, for the low tuition of $297… that’s $50 a month! If you are interested in helping your daughter unbridle her potential, please call for more information: 604-809-3494.

Please note: Only Bold and Brilliant graduates can attend the Heart Centred Leadership Academy. Space for the upcoming Bold and Brilliant (September 21-22) is limited. Click here to register

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Until then,

Be Empowered,

Carla Genevieve Webb

Founder, Empowered By Horses

Unbridled Potential Equine Services

604 809-3494

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