Shady – Retired 2018

Shady is the oldest and wisest member of the herd. He has been my rock from the first moment my policing career began to impact me in ways that I didn’t understand. Shady was there to comfort me during those challenging times and he continues to touch the lives of those who work with us at Anam Cara. He has had my back for many years; he will have yours. 

Shady was laid to rest November 24, 2023 at the age of 29 1/2 years. He was deeply loved and will always hold a special place in our hearts. We love you Shady <3 


I brought May into the herd as a four-month-old from Alberta. Her role as lead mare was soon apparent with her enormous presence. May’s ability to hold space for people to express uncomfortable emotions is majestic and grounded in her big heart. She is a true healer. 


Babs came to me unexpectedly as a four-year-old. Her beauty and sensible nature first attracted me as a potential competitor in reining, but soon her true calling in EFW became obvious. She loves attention and is comfortable with whatever the situation calls for whether it is grooming, practicing boundaries or just hanging out. 


Selena came to us several years ago with a certain wariness of humans. She wasn’t very trusting and could sometimes act aggressive. But after receiving nurturing care, healing and gentle lessons in respect and boundaries from the rest of the herd she is now a totally different mare. Selena has lots of energy, thrives on attention and continues to grow in her role as teacher and companion.

Lulu and Fable  

Lulu and Fable were adopted together from Pipsqueak Paddocks, a miniature horse rescue farm. Lulu’s soft eyes were what drew me to her. She is a playful yet gentle soul who is perfect with clients who are a bit uneasy with the bigger members of our herd. She is a love.

Although Fable was extremely shy when we first met him as a six-month old we soon learned his shyness was not to be mistaken for fear. He is the smallest member of the herd in stature but by far the bravest. He loves to perform and spends hours playing with various toys to the delight of his adoring fans. He is a little charmer but super cheeky.


With Shady’s retirement Kidd was welcomed into our herd September 2018. Kidd is growing into a wonderful therapy horse partner with a calm gentle demeanour a brilliant confidence builder for clients new to horses. He is already a favourite with many clients finding a new sense of himself and his voice with a sense of ease and curiosity. 

The other critters on the farm

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