There is a big difference between “knowing” or “remembering” something from a book and “experiencing” it.

Empowered By Horses offers unique programs that teach personal power and build self-esteem by allowing girls to see the reality of their choices as they are reflected back by a herd of horses. The whole experience creates real and lasting change and is based on Equine Guided Development teachings.

Horses are masterful at teaching life lessons and in making core lifestyle changes.  Equine Guided Development is based on experiential learning. Herd dynamics are powerful metaphors for leadership, teamwork, non-verbal communication, setting boundaries, and for illustrating group and family dynamics. Horses show us a different way of relating with ourselves, others, and our environment, while teaching us awareness, trust, integrity and respect.

The sooner a child learns to be confident, stand tall and know where to turn when they need help, the better prepared they will be as they move through adolescence. Empowered By Horses offers such programs.

From Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center, former police officer Carla Webb, teaches personal growth workshops for women and she is passionate about working with, and empowering, young girls seeking the light of success.


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