Empowered By Horses Services

Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center is home to Empowered By Horses (EBH), the finest in nature guided, animal assisted and equine facilitated wellness. With the focus on heart centered leadership EBH supports adults, children and youth in becoming resilient, confident and healthy. While EBH philosophy is founded on equine knowledge and herd dynamics the underlying theme of all our programs is our relationship with the natural world.   


Empowered By Horses is facilitated by Equine Professionals and Clinical Counsellors. Our group and individual sessions are tailored for all ages and needs.


Therapeutic services include:
  • Equine Facilitated Wellness
  • Equine Counselling
  • Canine Counselling
  • Animal Assisted Wellness
  • Nature Guided Wellness
  • Behavioral Intervention ~ Nature Guided/Animal Assisted 

Professional training programs include:

  • Heart Centered Horsemanship
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Eco Academy (link)

Custom Group Programs created for: 

  • Children & Youth
  • Adults
    • First Responders & their families
    • Corporate leadership and team building
    • Group mini retreats for self care of front line workers. 

Therapeutic Services

Equine Facilitated Wellness

EFW is an approach to mental health and wellness that emphasizes the body-mind connection. EFW promotes self awareness; social and communication skills; and provides tools for coping with personal challenges and problem solving.

EFW is a three-way partnership between the horse, the EFW Professional and the client. As horses are experts at reflecting our inner states, EFW sessions are a gentle yet effective way to foster self awareness and mental wellness. We learn who we are and how others see us just by interacting and forming relationships with these four-legged therapists.

Grounded in trauma-informed research, EFW successfully supports and empowers clients of all ages recovering from, and learning to manage a wide range of challenges including anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, PTSI, poor self esteem, and stress.

Equine Counselling


Equine Counselling is facilitated by professional counsellors experienced in partnering with horses. Together with their equine partners, our trauma-informed therapists provide a gentle space for healing, learning, and personal growth, based on respect and compassion for the unique needs of the client.

Equine Counselling is informed by the professional practice of the therapist and, as such, incorporates their specific training. This may include play therapy, EMDR, cognitive behavioural therapy, and somatic therapy.

Animal Assisted Wellness ~ Animal Assisted Counselling


Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center is not only home to horses but kune kune pigs, sheep and chickens. Each of these animals are therapists and companions in their own right and manifest a variety of personalities from shy and protective to cuddly and sociable. Together with our team of professionals, our clients, especially the younger ones, have found an abundance of learning and growth opportunities in working with these extraordinary beings.

Canine Counselling


Dogs have partnered with humans for several millennia. They have provided protection, support and, above all, love and friendship. Canine Counselling has all the advantages of Equine Counselling but offers an alternative to those who may not want to work with horses. 

Nature Guided Experiences ~ Eco Therapy


Nature is the ultimate teacher and compassionate listener. We can discover much about ourselves when we take a walk with one of our  Professionals in the forest or sit under a tree in the meadow. Nature-based Experiences are gentle avenues for self-exploration in a stress-free and life affirming environment.

Finding the Right Horse ~ Animal Partner


Not all humans want to be counsellors and not all horses desire to be therapists. Like humans, horses portray a wide range of temperaments and personality types from introverted to extroverted, from leader to follower. Putting an unsuitable horse (or any animal) in a therapeutic role is not only stressful for the animal but potentially harmful to all participants. 

Carla Webb has been assessing horses and other animals, including dogs, cats, chickens and sheep for therapeutic work since 2010.  Consultations, private sessions and workshops available.