Empowered By Horses Services:

Equine Facilitated ~ Animal Assisted ~ Nature Guided Wellness $150/hour individual session plus gst ($140/hour with Mary Waldolf)

Equine Facilitated ~ Animal Assisted ~ Nature Guided Counselling $150/hour individual session plus gst (Registered Clinical Counsellor)

Equine Facilitated ~ Animal Assisted ~ Nature Guided Counselling $150/hour individual session plus gst (Certified Professional Counsellor)

Equine Counselling $200/hour individual session plus gst (with Registered Clinical Counsellor and EFW Facilitator) 

Private mentoring/coaching/training in Equine Facilitated  ~ Animal Assisted ~ Nature Guided Wellness or Horsemanship with Carla Webb $150/hour plus gst. 

** Sessions are based on 50 minutes for caregiver connection time and session notes**
* Please note that initital phone consultations are complimentary to get you started*
*In person time booked is charged at the facilitator’s hourly rate*

Group Programs vary depending on the program * A facility fee is included in all quotes  

Please message Carla for workshop space rental – carla@empoweredbyhorses.com 

Sliding scale opportunities are available based on individual cases 

Cancellation Policy:
CANCELLATION / NO SHOW / LATE ARRIVAL POLICY: No-shows or appointments not cancelled within 48 hours of the set session time will be billed in full.  This cancellation fee must be paid in full before the next session is scheduled.  If you arrive late for a session the session will be billed for the full rate and end at the originally scheduled time. 

Methods of Payment:

We accept cash, personal cheque (made out to Unbridled Potential Equine Services), e-transfer (unbridledpotential@shaw.ca), credit card add 2.9% to total.  Please note a $25 fee will apply to NSF cheques.

Funding Opportunities:

Clients have been successful in obtaining financial support from the following:

  • Children and Youth in Home Schooling Programs – email for list or check in with your online school
  • Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD)
  • CKNW Kids Fund. Check details here
  • Variety Children’s Charity here  
  • Your local school district – We have had client’s successfully advocate for funding through school counsellors and school administrators. 
  • We often partner with not for profits and access grants for specific populations of children and youth.
  • Please note that contracts must be in place and approval letters received prior to the first session. 

Victims Assistance 
Kirsten Hargreaves and Jonathan Boudin are designated counsellors with the Crime and Victim Assistance Program (CVAP). If you have been the victim of a crime please contact your local Victim’s Assistance Branch to inquire whether you qualify for financial support. This may include: robbery, assault, sexual assault, break and enter, sudden death, suicide or attempted suicide, motor vehicle accident etc. In Abbotsford (Phone: 604-864-4757  Email: victimservices@abbypd.ca).

Please note that the portion of the fee covered by CVAP is $80 and the client is responsible for the remainder of the facilitator’s regular hourly rate. For example, if the counsellor’s regular fee is $150/hour and the CVAP funding provides $80/hour the client pays the remaining $70/hour.

First Nations Health Authority
Kirsten Hargreaves and Jonathan Boudin are designated counsellors with the First Nations Health Authority