Lead Facilitator, Trainer and Mentor - Carla G Webb


Carla Webb is an accomplished Equine and Animal Assisted Learning Professional and successful social entrepreneur. She is an approved mentor with the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness (Pro-EFW), educator, wellness coach, business woman, AirBNB superhost, WWOOF host, and heart centered partner to horses and other animals. She founded and continues to guide three thriving businesses and is cofounder of the non-profit RESTORE: First Responder Wellness Foundation. Over the last fourteen years she has supported clients of all ages (re discover their unique path to mental wellness, safety, and trust.

In 2008, after a fourteen year career as Vancouver Police Constable, Carla established Unbridled Potential as a way of bridging the horse-human connection in traditional horsemanship. Two years later she co-founded Empowered By Horses and now leads a team of four mental health professionals, six horses, two miniature horses, three sheep and six kune kune pigs, as well as two donkeys, chickens, cats and a dog, all of whom play a major role in this therapeutic enterprise.

In 2018 Carla co-created a third year university course for the Child and Youth program at the University of Fraser Valley. She continues to teach Animal Assisted Wellness and Equine Facilitated Wellness courses at the UFV while pursuing independent studies into the human-horse-animal connection, ecotherapy, trauma sensitive care and mental health. She is influenced and inspired by training received at the MiMer Centre and Equusoma, the Masterson Method and through the equine philosophy of Josh Nichol.

Training & Mentoring

Mentoring and Coaching:

Being an Equine Facilitated Learning Professional and Equine Professional with the Professional Association for Equine Facilitated Wellness (ProEFW) is more than just taking a few courses and learning about horses. It’s about bringing your educational experience or counselling degree to a new level of therapeutic effectiveness.

In the field of equine facilitated wellness the focus is to bridge the gap between equine and human knowledge and weave together this understanding for mutually beneficial and respectful outcomes. 

Regardless of how long you have been a counsellor or equestrian, mentorship is a key element for your professional development. With mentorship, professionals in this field continue their life-long learning of new concepts and approaches while Pro-EFW trainees receive the necessary support and feedback to achieve their goals and keep motivated to stay on their chosen timeline. Internships also available.


Carla Webb, Creative Director, Lead Facilitator and Owner of Empowered By Horses co-teaches Animal Assisted Therapy and Equine Facilitated Wellness at the University of the Fraser Valley. 

Further in depth, comprehensive and competency based programs are being created to offer in the fall of 2022. Stay Tuned. 



Mentorship Testimonial

In the fall of 2019 I moved to Anam Cara Farm and Learning Center to start a Mentorship with owner and founder of Empowered by Horses, Carla Webb. I had been following Carla’s story for quite some time and felt a strong draw to be a part of her mission to bring heart-centered leadership in partnership with the animals to the therapeutic world. I pursued a mentorship with Carla and the animals she cares for because I saw something in her work I had been in search of for a very long time. Carla embodies exactly what she teaches. Through her diverse background as an accomplished horsewoman, policewoman, EFL facilitator and teacher, she brings a unique and thoughtful perspective to animal partnership. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Carla and her herd this last year and the trust and connection between them signifies the many hours she has spent learning and putting her own teachings into practice. Carla’s teachings encourage us to join our animal partners in the process of slowing down in order to receive the many lessons they offer us as humans.  She incorporates the study of animal psychology and behavior, exploring our own patterns, while paying close attention to how our interactions with animals carry into our own personal lives. All of these relational pieces help support us in building healthy interpersonal relationships in our everyday lives and a strong connection to the natural world. I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to work alongside Carla Webb and the Anam Cara herd to learn and grow with them.

Lindsay Bouillet – CPCA